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Nairn show - Health & Safety Policy

Revised Jan 2022


The Society asks that Exhibitors, Stewards/members, Contractors and any other relevant person familiarizes themselves with this document or any relevant guidance that relates to the activities undertaken by them. Furthermore the Society ask all parties referred to above to have due regard for their own safety and the safety of others at all times. You are also asked to comply with any instruction or direction given by the Society’s Stewards or Officers to ensure you own safety and the safety of others


Our Commitment to you.


The Society has risk assessed many of its activities and has in its opinion put in place the necessary control or mitigation measures to reduce any risk to an acceptable level. They are reviewed regularly by the Society and also forwarded to Highland Council for additional review and scrutiny.


What we ask of you.


We hope you enjoy your time at the Society’s event. Our greatest wish is for you to go home having had a thoroughly enjoyable day without harm or injury. We ask that exhibitors and Ticket Holders ( the general public) comply with instructions or directions given by steward or society officers. Exhibitors, Trade stands, Attractions will be required to complete written Risk Assessments for review by the Showground Secretary.



The Society has identified the areas below as being worthy of particular mention.




 The local NHS and government guidelines must be followed at all times by Nairn Show staff, exhibitors and public. The Society will review these policies and act appropriately, reviewing our current measures regularly as needed. Hand gel and masks will be available for Marquee areas and notices will be placed where any measures have to be adhered to by the public or exhibitors. Anyone found not to be following these regulations (without credible exemptions) may be asked to leave by a steward. We have identified areas that may result in crowding so have implemented spacing of toilet facilities and food outlets.



Arriving and Exiting Site


We have in place a Traffic Management plan which will be executed by briefed stewards.  Please ensure you comply with instructions of Traffic and Gate Stewards and observe any speed restrictions. Please remember you are attending an Agricultural Show in an Agricultural Show Setting. You should be especially vigilant for uneven or unmade ground conditions and the possibility of loose animals. You may also expect animals who may startle easily so please approach with caution. Once in the Showground Vehicle movements will be restricted to certain times or for certain areas.


Handling of Livestock


The Society expects live exhibits to be controlled or handled by a person of suitable skill ability and capability at all times. It may be inappropriate for certain animals to be ‘under the control’ of persons who are not capable of keeping the exhibit under control, if this is the case a stewards decision maybe taken to withdraw an exhibit from a class for safety. Care should be taken during the loading and unloading of live exhibits and animals that are to be shown should be tethered using suitable restraining equipment. During animal movements stewards shall be present at all times and any persons not required should not be in the walkway/ring.


Live Exhibits (General)


The Society recognizes that some Breed Societies have their own requirements for the exhibiting of certain animals or certain ages. This can often take the form of Protective Headwear (that meets a certain British or European Standard) the provision of specific bits, halters or saddles. In addition to the skill, ability and capability of any handler the Society may also require the Exhibitor to be aware of or show the live exhibit in such a way as to comply with any HSE Guidance Note or regulation by any other competent authority. Examples of these include the HSE Guidance Note in the Handling of Bulls, Society Rules relating to the Showing of Stallions ,Any ASAO Guidance relevant to the Holding of a Show, the Proximity of Overhead Electricity Lines to displays , attractions or similar.




Exhibitors and Trade stands are requested to keep the area that they occupy free from any hazard that may lead to slips trips and falls. Eg cables or pipes to be neatly stowed or secured, equipment not being used to be moved or stacked safely. Each trade stand will have appropriate risk assessment and insurance for attending event.




Dogs must not be left unattended at any time. Dogs must not at any time be left unattended in any vehicle. The Society reserves the right to force entry to any vehicle where a dog may be in distress. Be advised the Society may also report the owner of the vehicle to law enforcement.




Smoking is not permitted within the Marquees or any other public place as defined by legislation.

Animal Biosecurity


Exhibitors will not take known to be diseased Exhibits to any Society Event. Any animal identified as exhibiting signs of any disease may be subject to inspection by the Society Veterinarian and may be removed from the Showground without reimbursement of entry fees. The Society has provided handwashing facilities in the livestock area if you have been handling animals. The society is a recognised show with MV licence. Sheep exhibitors are to adhere to these rules and have appropriate passports for inspection. Soiled clothing and footwear should not be worn to show.


Identification and Movement Licensing


The Exhibitor is responsible for any passports or licensing requirements. Dingwall Highland Mart will be on hand to assist.


Evacuation and Emergency


All persons attending any Society Event should familiarize themselves with any exit points, the location of first aid and fire fighting facilities. In all cases the Show Stewards will assist further and issue directions as appropriate. First Aid is provided by first aid team. The nearest hospital has been identified as Nairn Town and County Hospital that have a minor injury unit. 10 Michael St, Nairn, IV12 5EA 01667452101




Fire Fighting Equipment is available on site and the Nairn Fire and Rescue Service are aware of the show date and venue. Fires are not permitted anywhere on the Showground at any time without approval from the Showground Secretary.




Generators are only allowed with written permission of the Showground Secretary or by prior arrangement. Generators must be of the run silent type. Electrical Equipment must be PAT Tested, free from any obvious defects capable of being remedied and operated by person familiar with their operation.




Bottled water is available as there will be no access to running water for human consumption.

Water pipe solely for livestock is available and will be labelled as such.


Show Ring Fencing


Stock proof fencing has been placed around the main ringside for your protection. Gates will be used as appropriate for all other show rings. You should not climb over these barriers or cross through any barrier line. Please do not allow children to climb or stand on the barriers.

Plant Machinery and Car Parks


The Society will keep vehicle movements to a minimum for your enjoyment and protection. Only Emergency Services and Society Vehicles will have access to the main show field after 9am. Vehicles are to have necessary flashing beacons, hazard lights , observe a 5 mph speed limit and where necessary be escorted by a banksman. Speed limits are to be observed in the Car Park Areas and drivers are to be especially vigilant. Mobile phones are not to be used by any vehicle operator whilst driving.


Manual Handling


In the setting up of the show the Society will ensure that certain activities are completed with the necessary compliment of persons properly required to lift carry or manoeuvre the object into position. Mechanical means of lifting are to be encouraged. Correct lifting techniques are advised to prevent associated strain or lifting injuries. Each tradestand/exhibitor is expected to undertake personal responsibility during their set up, however if unsafe practice is observed the society reserve the right to implement restrictions and will advise of requirements.




Please ensure your children are supervised at all times. Please be mindful that Children should be aware that sudden or loud noises may startle livestock. Children should not climb on fences walls trees or barriers. Lost child protocol is in place. Parents to notify the nearest steward who can alert the secretary’s office and radio to other stewards before an announcement on Show. Plain wristbands for children are encouraged for parent’s mobile numbers and available at the main gate.




The Society asks that you do not dispose of human, animal or chemical waste by pouring onto ground or into any watercourse. Bins will be readily available for litter due to the potential risk of such loose material startling livestock.


Dangerous Occurrences and Near Miss Reporting


Please report any dangerous occurrence or near miss to the Show Secretary or Show President.

Continuous Improvement


This document is regularly reviewed with any adaptations that it may require. Nairn show endeavour to develop good practice in order to make our event the safest and most enjoyable within our control.

We thank you for your ongoing support in our event.

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