2008 Results - Produce, Baking & Handicrafts Sections

Section 26 - PRODUCE


Class Prize Exhibitor
6 eggs, brown, shelled
1st June Alexander, Blackpark Farm
2nd Iain Alexander, Blackpark Farm
3rd Bruce Flockhart, Tighnancnoc, Culloden
6 eggs, tinted shelled
1st Craig Ranger, Blackpark Farm
2nd Norma Breathet, Woodside Croft, Ardersier
3rd Ranger
6 eggs, duck
1st J Alexander
2nd Toby MacArthur, Achavelgin, Littlemill
3rd Catherine Smith, Upper Blackpark, Culloden


Class Prize Exhibitor
2 plates butter for table use
1st Smith
2nd Breathet
3rd Jayne Rankine, 6 Culloden Road, Westhill
1 plate most artistically made up
1st Smith
2nd Erica Alexander, Blackpark Farm, Culloden
3rd J Alexander


Class Prize Exhibitor
1 jar chutney
1st E Alexander
2nd Norma Breathet
3rd Mary Spence, 20 High Street Ardersier
1 jar savoury jelly
1st Breathet
2nd Elizabeth Stewart, 6 Burnbrae Avenue, Inverness
3rd E Alexander


Class Prize Exhibitor
1 jar raspberry jam
1st Mrs M Johnson, 33 Sunnyside, Culloden Moor
2nd Liz Lumsden, Inverness
3rd Mrs C Kinnaird, Queenspark Gardens
1 jar strawberry jam
1st M McRitchie, Culloden
2nd Mrs F Grieve, Inverness
3rd Mrs Bain, Saughwells, Keith
1 jar blackcurrant jam
1st Lumsden
2nd Breathet
3rd Kinnaird
1 jar mincemeat
1st E Alexander
2nd M Bain
3rd J Alexander
1 jar jelly, any variety
1st Rankine
2nd J Alexander
3rd E Alexander
1 jar 3 fruit marmalade
1st Alexander
2nd Mrs Hazel Greenwood, Woodend, Westhill
3rd Rankine
1 jar lemon curd
1st McRitchie
2nd Julie Green, New Fleenas, Littlemill
3rd Muriel Watt, 5 Assynt Gardens


Class Prize Exhibitor
Individual starter
1st Breathet
2nd Mrs Bain
2 sausage rolls
1st Breathet
2nd Marion Hailstone
3rd Mrs Bain
2 stuffed peppers
1st Breathet
2nd Mrs Bain
3rd Green
2 slices of meat roll with side salad
1st Mrs Bain
2nd Breathet.


Class Prize Exhibitor
Individual sweet
1st Breathet
2nd Denise Vince, Kopruer, Eskadale, High Street, Ardersier
3rd Mrs Bain
Sponge based fruit flan
1st Breathet
2nd Mrs Bain


Mrs A Henderson memorial quaich
Mrs June Alexander trophy
E Alexander for 3 fruit marmalade

Section 27 - BAKING

Class Prize Exhibitor
4 round oven baked oatcakes
1st Mrs Bain
2nd Breathet
3rd Watt
4 girdle scones
1st Jean Hay, Nairn
2nd Breathet
3rd Mrs Bain
4 potato scones
1st Bain
2nd Lilian Riach
3rd Breathet
4 cherry and coconut scones
1st Hay
2nd Mrs Bain
3rd Mrs C Smith
4 dropped scones
1st Lilian Riach
2nd Bain
3rd Hay
Wholemeal loaf
1st Ann Poyner
2nd Mrs Bain
3rd Hay
Ginger bread
1st Rankine
2nd Louise MacKay, Brackla Farm, Brackla
3rd Greenwood
4 Muffins
1st Natalie Bain
2nd L Cawthorn
3rd Heather Corran
Banana loaf
1st A and E Gall
2nd R Steward
3rd Corran
Chocolate Swiss roll
1st Breathet
2nd Mrs Bain
3rd Smith
Victoria sponge
1st Hay
2nd MacKay
3rd Breathet
Light fruit cake
1st Chrissie Macdonald
2nd Catherine Delaney
3rd Smith
Dundee cake
1st Mrs Bain
2nd Riach
3rd Breathet
4 meringue shells
1st Mrs Bain
2nd Breathet
3rd MacKay
4 pieces of uncooked tray bake
1st N Bain
2nd Riach
3rd June Carson
4 macaroons
1st Breathet
2nd M Mcritchie
3rd Smith
4 shortbread biscuits
1st Riach
2nd Breathet
3rd Rankine


Mrs J M Forbes Rosebowl
Mrs June Alexander Trophy
Poyner for Wholemeal Loaf
Mrs Ann Clark Trophy
Breathet and Mrs Bain
Mrs Jean Macdonald Memorial Trophy

Section 28 - HANDICRAFTS

Class Prize Exhibitor
Childãs knitted jumper
1st Evelyn Murray, 2 County Cotts, Foynesfield
2nd Frances Anderson, Clunaswell, Cawdor
3rd M McRitchie, Culloden
Babyãs knitted matinee jacket
1st Murray
2nd McRitchie
3rd B Chisholm, 6 Abbeylands, Pluscarden
Gentãs kilt socks, double knitting
1st Murray
2nd Chisholm
3rd Barbara Macleod, Balintore, Cawdor
Sewn gardening apron
1st Trudy Rushforth, 33 Elm Grove, Nairn
2nd June Carson, Cradlehall
Any beaded article
1st Jacqueline Patience, Avoch
2nd Anderson
3rd Murray
Christmas card
1st Murray
2nd Mrs Thornbury, Morven, Kiltarlity
3rd Rushforth
Something new from old material
1st Evelyn Main, Carlton, Links Place, Nairn
2nd Thornbury
3rd Jane Farquharson, 25 Camultmuir, Kiltarlity
Article in any craft
1st Margaret Greenhow, Woodlands Way, Inverness
2nd Patience
3rd Marion Hailstone, Broadhill
Framed cross stitch picture
1st Murray
2nd Carson
3rd Hailstone
Article in tapestry
1st Chisholm
2nd Thornbury
3rd Ceidh Dewar, 8 Barbour Road
Article in lace
1st Greenhow
2nd Farquarson
3rd Anne Macleod, 11 Darroch Place
Article in embroidery
1st Murray
2nd A E Gall, Niaroo, Nairnside
3rd Farquarson
Painting (water colour), framed
1st Rosemary Samuel, Nairn
2nd Inga McAulay
3rd Carol Cheyne, 33 Anne Crescent
Photograph (landscape), mounted
1st B A McChory Macclesfield
2nd Martin Greenhow, Woodlands Way, Inverness
3rd Margaret Greenhow
Crooks and walking sticks
1st W J Mackintosh, The Rowans, Auldearn
2nd John Maclean, 13 Grebe Avenue, Inverness
3rd Maclean
Small wooden article
1st Mackintosh
2nd Hailstone
3rd Mackintosh


QC framing shield
Peter Green quaich
Farm and Household cup
Margaret Greenhow



Class Prize Exhibitor
5 years and under 1 decorated "rich tea" biscuit
1st Catherine Farquhar, Fruin, Croy
2nd April Forbes, Tomlunquhart Farm
3rd Robert Pottie, Easter Dalziel
Marshmallow figure
1st Elliot McCruden, Spring Cottage, Auldearn
2nd Elise Walker, 7 Cullen Court
3rd Felicity Cruickshank, Upper Dalmore, Auldearn
2 chocolate krispies
1st Pottie
2nd Ruby Skinner, Windyhills Wartle
3rd Forbes
6 years to 10 years 2 rock buns
1st Shae McCruden, Spring Cottage, Auldearn
2nd Rachel McPherson, 20 Lodgehill Park
3rd Hannah Webster, Weblea, Culcharrry, Cawdor
1 decorated queen cake
1st Sophie Forbes, Tomlunquhart Farm
2nd Grigor Forbes, Tomlunquhart Farm
3rd McPherson
Individual pasta salad
1st Webster
2nd S McCruden
3rd A McCruden
11 years to 15 years 4 pancakes
1st Mariah Forbes
2nd Fiona Mackay
3rd Calum Greenwood
Individual quiche
1st C Greenwood
2nd Eleanor Allingham
3rd Mackay
1 single decorated birthday sponge
1st C Greenwood
2nd Morgan Nicol, Auldearn
3rd Mhairi Docherty, Cantraydoure Farm, Cawdor


Class Prize Exhibitor
5 years and under decorated wooden clothes peg
1st Forbes
2nd Ava Whiteside, Westhill
3rd Jack Duncan, Knockanbuie Farm
Creation made out of play dough
1st Pottie
2nd Duncan
3rd Cameron Price
Finger print painting of a flower
1st Duncan
2nd C Farquhar
3rd E Walker
6 years to 10 years decorated wellie boot
1st Sarah Bissett, 70 Teandallon Place, Evanton
2nd Cameron Duncan, Knockanbuie Farm
3rd G Forbes
A Christmas Cracker
1st S Forbes
2nd Isabella Gordon, Chappanhall
3rd S Bissett
Birthday party invitations
1st G Forbes
2nd Ashley McCruden
3rd Jonathan Price
11 years to 15 years bookmark any craft
1st Fiona Stuart, West Cruchie Farmhouse, Drumblade, Huntly
2nd C Greenwood
3rd Morgan Nicol, Auldearn
Photograph with caption
1st Rhianna Sutheren Akardaid
2nd Alex Farquharson, 25 Canultmuir, Kiltarlity
3rd Carrie Bissett, 70 Teandallon Place, Evanton
Design and make a Christmas tree decoration
1st A Farquharson
2nd C Bissett
3rd Kierra Barron, 7 Douglas Street


James Asher Salver
Calum Greenwood
McBean Shield
Knit One Quaich
Jack Duncan


5 years and under
6 to 10 years
S Bissett
11 to 15 years
A Farquharson

Many thanks to all our exhibitors