2008 Results - Honey, Wine & SWRI Sections

Section 30 - HONEY

Class Prize Exhibitor
2 jars of extracted liquid honey (light)
1st Gordon Ross
2nd Mrs F Myrtle
2 jars of extracted liquid honey (medium)
1st Myrtle
2nd Mr P Westrick
3rd Ross
2 jars of extracted liquid honey (ling heather)
1st Westrick
2nd David Vaughan
2 jars of extracted granulated honey (ling heather)
1st Ross
2nd Donald Matheson
2 jars of extracted granulated honey (not ling heather)
1st Matheson
2nd Myrtle
3rd Myrtle
2 jars of creamed honey
2nd Matheson
3rd Ross
2 pieces cut comb suitable for extraction
3rd Ross
1 shallow comb suitable for extraction
1st Ross
2nd Evan Ross
3rd Ann Chilcott
1 cake of beeswax
1st Judith Borup
2nd Linton Chilcott
3rd A Chilcott
3 dipped beeswax candles
1st A Chilcott
3 rolled beeswax candles
1st Lynne Larby
2nd Mr M Larby
3rd A Chilcott
3 moulded beeswax candles or blocks
1st A Chilcott
2nd L Chilcott
3rd Vaughan
1 honey fruit cake
1st Sabine Dunlop
2nd A Chilcott
3rd Gow
4 small honey buns
1st Gow
2nd L Chilcott
3rd Larby
1 bottle of mead
1st Jeannie Cooper
3rd G Ross


Nairnshire Farming Society Prize
G Ross
The Bingham Trophy
The Eoin Fraser Trophy
A Chilcott
The David Stewart Memorial Trophy
E Ross

Section 31 - HOMEMADE WINE

Class Prize Exhibitor
White wine, dry
1st Patsy Forbes, 3 Lodgehill Park
2nd Betty Green, 36 Wyvis Drive
3rd Jim Main, Links Place
White wine, sweet
1st Rosemary Largue, 48 Beech Avenue
2nd Green
3rd Chris Wilmshurst
Red wine, dry
1st Main
2nd Wilmshurst
3rd Joan Riddoch
Red wine, sweet
1st Green
2nd George Riddoch, 50 Sutors Park
3rd Pauline Macphee, 6 Lodgehill Park
Elderberry wine, dry
1st Forbes
2nd Green
3rd Riddoch
Elderberry wine, sweet
1st Gordon Ross
2nd Largue
3rd Forbes
Rhubarb wine
1st Jeanie Cooper, Forres
2nd Largue
3rd Riddoch
Liqueur (noncream)
1st Forbes
2nd Largue
3rd Main


Best Bottle
Nairn Wine Circle Cup
R Largue

Section 32 - WRI


Class Prize Exhibitor
1st Auldearn
2nd Geddes
3rd Cawdor
1st Lethen
2nd Geddes
3rd Delnies


Raitloan Cup
The Anne Clark Trophy
Jennifer Beattie, Delnies
The Macarthur Trophy
Jane Semple, Cawdor
The Rachel Tulloch Memorial Quaich
Christine Chisholm, Auldearn

Many thanks to all our exhibitors